Founded in Rochester, NY in the 1880’s, Finger Lakes Specialty Products (“FSP”) began business by manufacturing surrey fringe trims for horse drawn carriages and hem bindings for clothing .

With history and market demands evolving, Finger Lakes SP has evolved as well to provide high quality products the market demands. Over two centuries, changing times called for changing products- carriages evolved into cars, both World Wars brought urgent requirements for military items such as parachute webbing and modern society focuses on products to promote energy conservation.

With a long history of innovation in response to customer’s needs, today we work closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – to provide innovative solutions for applications in automotive, aerospace, and marine transport, among other industries. Rather than manufacture generic products that may or may not fit customer needs, we prefer to work with our clients to design the ideal product to suit their requirements. Reliability, flexibility, and versatility are at the forefront of our company’s values, and we’re pleased to combine these values with our expertise in textile and plastics technologies to weave, form and manufacture a wide variety of components for your success. It is our privilege to partner with you!

Finger Lakes Specialty Products believes in using industry-leading product development and manufacturing capabilities to work with customers to solve complex needs.