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Finger Lakes Specialty Products

is the leader in woven textiles and extruded plastic products for automotive, aerospace, office equipment, transportation & heavy industrial applications.

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Copier and Printer Components


See our variety of copier & printing products including brushes and static dissipators.

Custom extruded products


We work side by side with the best names in the industry to create the unique, high quality products for your business.

Transportation products


View our range of textile and extruded plastic products, including brushes, trim and weather seals.

Transportation products


FSP is the leader in providing high quality, traditionally woven pile products for a wide variety of applications.

Finger Lakes Specialty Products has been a leader in the textiles and extruded plastics markets for over a century. Our engineered products are developed to meet customer needs in automotive, aerospace, copier, defense, transportation, textiles and other markets.

While Finger Lakes SP’s long tenured product development team commonly works with customers to develop new products, existing product categories include sway bar bushing liners, automotive spray suppressants, spiral wound brushes, static dissipators, edge trims, exhaust hanger bands, flex channels, textile seals and more.

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